Restaurants Offering The Best Fresh Farm Foods In United States

Restaurants Offering The Best Fresh Farm Foods In United States

Knowing what we eat is important to nurture the body and mind. Caring for our planet is an important cause and your diet can have an impact on that. Farm to table dining experiences can teach us a lot, it lets us learn more about the food that we eat and also lets us engage with the chefs along with all the other customers at the restaurant. Such experiences teach us to enjoy and savor every bite. There are a few different restaurants in the United States that offer fresh farm foods and some of them will be discussed below.

ABC Kitchen

The ABC Kitchen is attached to the ABC Carpet & Home store in New York City, it is an award winning restaurant that is headed by Michelin star Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. It serves food that is made only the local, seasonal and fresh ingredients. The main benefit here is that everything is free from foreign chemicals such as pesticides and insecticides. The atmosphere at the restaurant is truly exceptional.

abc kitchen
ABC Kitchen, New York City

Lula Cafe

It is an award winning restaurant in Chicago, the restaurants has vegan and New American options. Lula Cafe is proud to be a self-proclaimed fresh farms foods restaurant that has self-taught chefs who use only the best farm fresh ingredients. The food at Lula Cafe is exceptional, however, what you are really there for is the environment. When you enter the Lula Cafe then all you will sense is warmth and love.

lula cafe
Lula Cafe, Chicago


If you are visiting Milwaukee, Wisconsin then you need to go to the Braise restaurant. If you are all about farm fresh foods then you will love this place. Every ingredient that they use at this restaurant is locally grown, this is their way to support local Wisconsin farmers. Braise does not follow just one menu, instead it is written daily. The main focus at the Braise is communication, which is why guests are encouraged to sit at community tables or the chef’s counter so that they can talk with the other guests.

Braise - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Malibu Farm

The Malibu farm is located in, yes you guessed it Malibu. It is owned by Helene Henderson. The chefs gets most of her ingredients from her home farm as well as from other local farmers. Although, the restaurant does serve seafood and meat, but in very small portions. The restaurant is transparent about the source of their ingredients and that gives the customers a lot of confidence in the restaurant. The restaurant offers s scenic view of the ocean which enhances the experiences.

malibu farm
Malibu Farm - Malibu, California

Chez Panisse

You can find the Chez Panisse restaurant in Berkley, California. Everything that is served at this restaurant is done with a lot of generosity and attention to detail. The restaurant is operating and owned by Alice Waters, who is an author and award winning chef. She believes that with organic ingredients allow the chefs to produce the best tasting dishes.

Chez Panisse - Berkley, California

Quiessence At The Farm

If you are looking for the best Italian and New American cuisine in Phoenix then you need to visit the Quiessence at the Farm. The restaurant is located on a 10 acre farm and everything is made to order, all of the ingredients that are used to create the dishes are acquired from the surrounding farms.

Quiessence At The Farm
Quiessence At The Farm - South Mountain, Phoenix, Arizona

Farm & Table

The Farm & Table restaurant in Albuquerque is very appropriately named as it takes the ingredients from the farm and brings it to the table. Each and every ingredient in the restaurant is farm fresh which helps them to serve the best tasting dishes that you will eat in the whole of New Mexico.

Farm & Table
Farm & Table - Albuquerque, New Mexico


If you enjoy fresh farm foods, then these restaurants are a must visit for you. The environment that these restaurants are unlike anything that you are used to and it is the main highlight of these restaurants. The way these restaurants interpret food is amazing, for them every ingredient is a gift and they need to use it properly to make the most of it. If you are unfamiliar with this kind of food then it is time that you try it already because it will change the way you perceive the word “dining”.

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